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Remi is the sweetest boy! He has a great personality and not much bothers him. He is one of our best trail horses. In his past life he was a rope horse. He is short and stout and a blast to ride!



Buddy is a retired endurance horse and 3 time TEVIS cup finisher. He has ridden more hills and mountains than most, and is still eager to hop in the trailer and go for a ride. You would never know how old Buddy is, as he has the spunk of a youngin and can out work all our other horses. Buddy is another great “step up” horse for riders who are ready for a great big stride and big, lofty trot. Katie fell in love with Buddy when she was six years old, and 4 years later he was gifted to her as a surprise. Buddy is a 1998 model Chestnut Arabian gelding. Buddy's special talents are opening his stall door and staying put in his stall, and loading himself in the horse trailer. 



Cricket was a gift from a dear friend and mentor. We didnt’ know a lot about her history, other than she came off a ranch and was ridden hard. The first time I rode her, she tried to buck me off. My suggestion to my friend was to send her on down the road, but as luck would have it, she was given another chance and has become an amazing lesson and trail horse. We can only guess that her poor attitude was a result of a previous injury that was never addressed, and a lack of trust from her rider. We have worked through her issues and found Cricket to be a very sweet and sensitive horse. Cricket is a 1998 model Seal Brown Quarter Horse mare. 


Penny belongs to one of our students and has came to TVH so she wouldn't be the only horse at home. She was put into the lesson program and has become a fan favorite. She is kind and personable and does a fantastic job teaching riders of all ages and skills. 



Blaze is one of our newer additions. He belongs to a wonderful family who have used him as a 4-H and kid’s horse over the past 10 years. Blaze is learning how to be a lesson horse, as he can be a little stubborn at times, but he clearly loves being doted on by all the kids and loves getting out on the trail. Blaze is a Sorrel American Blazer gelding.


Missy is another favorite. She belonged to a teenager who headed off to college and wanted to find a loving home for her. A home where other kids could have the opportunity to love her as much as her previous owner did. Missy loves the littles, but has some extra fancy buttons for the more advanced riders. She is a 2008 model Chestnut Quarter Horse mare. 

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Seven was a gift from a dear friend and mentor. She came to my friend’s program as an un-trained rescue. With the help of a very handy teenager, she was put to work and trained to be part of a lesson program. Seven goes English and Western, and has been used in 4-H and parades. She is a fabulous trail horse who is very friendly and curious. She will likely be the first one in the pasture to come say hello. Seven is loved by all, horse and human. Seven loves babies, small animals, and water. She is truly one of a kind. Seven is a mixed breed mare. Seven's special talent is pooping in her grain pan.

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